August Meetup

Genesis: The Deep Origin of Societies

For our August meetup, we will read Genesis: The Deep Origin of Societies by E.O. Wilson. The book is described as a “pithy yet path-breaking work of evolutionary theory, braiding twenty-first-century scientific theory with the lyrical biological and humanistic observations for which Wilson is known.” It’s sure to be a fascinating discussion!

Time & Place

The meetup will be 6PM on Wednesday, August 14 in the eating/drinking/meeting area of the Whole Foods at Ray & the 101.

From the Whole Foods entrance, go straight to the the back, then make a right. There are lots of eating & drinking options.

Accepting New Suggestions


At our August meetup, we will select new books for us to read over the following six months.

Have an idea? Why not suggest a book?

If it gives you inspiration, we try to select books from the following genres:

  1. Popular science
  2. Popular culture
  3. Nonfiction
  4. Literary fiction
  5. Science fiction
  6. Business & marketing
  7. Field trip (some examples from the past include seeing a movie, going to an improv show, and going hiking in the desert)
  8. Wildcard

Place to Meet

Although the Whole Foods is a pretty good place to meet, we are open to new suggestions. Ideally, we’re looking for a place with the following criteria:

  • Be centrally located
  • Allow food so we can have a potluck
  • Have big round tables so we can all easily participate in the conversation
  • Serve or allow alcohol

If you can think of a place that meets these criteria, please suggest it at our August meetup so we can discuss!